Posted by Stephanie Griffin

Every women should have a great pair of everyday jeans. Curves to body, doesn’t stretch with a nice rise. Smooth canvas. This jean hugs the body from hip to ankle, creating a flattering, perfectly contoured silhouette.Blazer (Circolo or Eleventy make it easy for travelling and won’t wrinkle)In todays fashions unstructured with lost of stretch gives you a comfy yet a tailored put together look. Pairs well with denim to give it a casual edgy look, or Ponte pant/dress pant gives it a professional look.Vince + ZCDRubber soled sneakers are a huge trend that gives you a co

mfortable edgy look. Sneakers can be styled well with a blazer & denim jean or can be worn with a skirt or dress pant.Silk Under pinning (Vince, Joie)Great for layering under blazers, dresses, skirts, dress pants. Finish off/add to any look.Scarf (Suzy Roher)Take any clean and classic look and give it a pop of colour or accessorize with a modal silk scarf. 

Elevate, accessorize, finish off a look. Use it as a shawl by throwing it over your shoulders. Suzi Roher does an amazing job at creating colourful statement scarves with her portrait prints on the scarves all made in Italy.

All of these items are essential pieces to have in your closet. Keep in mind it’s important to invest in quality clothes over quantity. Shop for classic pieces that can be styled into different outfits. This will help build and maintain a durable, versatile wardrobe.