Posted by Stephanie Griffin

Wide Rollover Toque

The wide rollover toque is an essential part of any good-winter hat collection. The extra material knitted into the bottom of the hat allows for a fold in material that creates the cuff on the hat. This style toque will give you the warmth you need by covering your forehead and ears. Opt for colours like grey/black to make this toque a versatile accessory in your wardrobe. 

The Arctic Disc Toque by Canada Goose is a water-resistant double-layered Merino wool hat that is usually folded over giving it a cuff and features the Canada goose logo.

The Monti cashmere beanie by J Lindeberg is knitted from a soft cashmere and merino wool blend. This toque features a fold up-edge with the logo.

Ribbed Knit Beanie

The Zanerobe knit beanies have a small cuff allowing the material to fold over for a basic look.

Fitted Toque

Contrast Toques

Cable Knit